Red #5 Yellow #7 Logo
R5Y7 launched in December 2012 by bringing ARTCRANK, an international poster party for bike people, to Los Angeles.


In 2013 the space was transformed into a living labrynth of maps, videos and narrative walls built by the artists and ride leaders behind the hugely influential: ‘The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time,’ otherwise known as ‘The Passage Ride.’ Each week Sean Deyoe and Nathan Snyder lead an urban exploration ride beginning at California Donuts, transversing 25-45 miles of LA streets, off-road trails, tunnels and unexplored parts of the city left in plain sight and mysteriously woven together into a narrative more closely resembling art criticsm or social history. Celebrating 2 years, 200 rides and a library or urban maps, history and Hugely popular local radio station, KCRW ran a story about the ride and the show, a week before closing, bringing a huge new audience to learn about a bike themed gallery in the motor city.

‘Bikes In the House: Best New Industrial Design’

An international collection of designers and crafts people making some of the most beautiful and home/design objects inspired by the bicycle or recycling bicycle parts into something new and fabulous.. like a chandelier. By elevating bicycles to a place of prestige in sophisticated interior displays, the concept of bikes as childish or undesirable vanishes so that even non-cyclist design enthusiasts can visualize a lifestyle in which bicycles are a glamorous and integral part of modern living.

 Ghost Bikes of L.A.

The international art movement begun in 2003 celebrates ten years of art, advocacy and community with the first ever gallery show. Family members, Ghost Bike and transportation advocates, artists, friends and ABC local news were present for the opening, October 25, 2013.

Ghost Bikes are memorials honoring cyclists who are fatally – or sometimes critically – injured due to unnecessary collisions on streets not designed for shared traffic.They are a unique and positive response to a terrible event. By using art communities around the globe have begun making individual memorials a powerful public awareness tool. Ghost Bikes are not put together by family or friends, but by local bike advocates to pay respect while making it publicly known that a death has occurred and making it obvious that a street or intersection is dangerous.

Ghost Bikes of LA is an informative and inspiring look at how art and awareness are bringing people closer together and changing our cities for the better.